Deepak Chopra Quotes for the body, mind and soul

When it comes to alternative medicine there is no one more qualified in this world to actually give advice on the matter than Deepak Chopra. Deepak Chopra is Indian born and in addition to his career as an endocrinologist, he is also a writer, public speaker and an American physician. Some of his specializations are the mind and body medicine, Ayurveda and also spirituality.

Due to his many successful works that have been acclaimed worldwide he steadily increased his popularity not only nationally, but also internationally and managed to get the attention of the entire world through his amazing healing techniques that often involve alternative medicine and of course, the mind, body and soul connection.

Deepak Chopra Quotes

1. Due to his job as a public speaker he also managed to say some very interesting things throughout his speeches, quotes that are full of essence and healing words. One of them is “It is the nature of babies to be in bliss.” Through this quote Doctor Chopra shortly states that regardless of what people do in life, whether it’s winning at the lottery, buying a new car, a new house, computer, going and visiting faraway places, they will always look for those young emotions they once felt as children. This is deeply embedded in human nature and throughout his books, he actually mentions how to learn and uncover those emotions once again.

2. In one of his other quotes Deepak Chopra says that the way people eat, behave and think will influence their lives by thirty to fifty years. He’s actually talking about the modern attitude towards life and how in this hectic world the mind, body and soul connection is disrupted very deeply and shattered at its core by the fast paced society of today. People actually don’t have enough time to spend with themselves and in their attempt to get rid of stress, they will do things that ruin the balance of their energies and make them feel sicker by the day.

By stating this, he also indirectly encourages people to give a second though to their lifestyle and ensure they will make a change as soon as possible, as it’s never too late to regain the balance they’ve lost.

3. Yet probably one of the most predominant (directly and indirectly) topics Doctor Chopra speaks about is human love. “The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers” is a quote that everyone should think about when going out and delving into society. Out there it’s a world that’s feared and loved and people can choose whether to cherish it or fear it. Deepak Chopra encourages people of all ages to never fear speaking their minds and to learn about human love by sharing it with one another.

He believes that by doing so, they will not only improve their own vital and emotional energies, but they will also give it to the ones around them because when two people exchange such experiences, they radiate with bliss that spreads all around them.

It’s said that life is a journey anyone should take and do anything they can to make it better. Never quitting and always pushing forward with love and healing is what Doctor Chopra advises people through his best life quotes.

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Deepak chopra books

Knowing more about the deepak chopra books

For those who don’t know deepak chopra yet, they should know that he is an internationally acclaimed speaker and he has written quite a few books in which he talks about mind, body and spiritual healing, the relationship with the mind, about the 7 chakras and many more. He is actually one of the few out there to admirably have the gap between the modern medicine of the west and the knowledge of the east closed, while at the same time applying ancient traditions of healing through today’s modern challenges.

Doctor Chopra’s latest works

The Ultimate deepak chopra books collection is something that can really make a difference in people’s lives and this series of books has been lauded as a pioneer within the medicine industry. Not only is Chopra a highly acclaimed speaker, but he is also a doctors and he has managed along the years to create a great collection of live works and rare studio works.
For those who will choose to delve into his collection, they will be lead through a journey of valuable healing and self discovery while integrating the power of the body, the mind and the spirit. Deepak Chopra has a special gift that no one else out there has and this is the very essence that allows him to speak about the amazing healing mysteries using logic and a manner of understanding.

What is it exactly?
The ultimate collection of Deepak Chopra is actually a very comprehensive library and each volume talk about a specific technique of sensory healing (which are 5 in total). In these volumes readers will also be let in on the 3 different types of body and the secrets to how each of them will be able to gain more health and vitality.

These volumes are actually little encyclopedias where readers will be able to find some of the best kept secrets of Doctor Chopra, secrets that are now available for everyone to know and read about and thus make sure they will improve their life as soon as possible. On top of that the books will also talk about the transforming powers that will allow individuals to follow a purpose on a spiritual level. For instance, the Ayurveda techniques will allow individuals to know the way to actually cure the conditions which might pose a threat to their life, like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

By reading these volumes and also the deepak chopra biography in order to understand better the origins of Doctor Chopra’s advice, people will be let in on secrets which they will use to awaken the pharmacy inside their body through intense meditations and practical exercise.

Through his powerful writing and well kept secrets of healing and meditation that have finally been revealed along his long lasting career, Doctor Chopra finally offers a great part of his life’s work and makes it available to everyone in the world, so that they can finally learn about healthy living that involves not only the body, but also the mind and soul.

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Deepak Chopra Quotes

Despite a huge fan following, Deepak Chopra, the world-renowned guru on spirituality and mind-body medicine, has drawn a lot of flak. He has frequently been criticized for his beliefs. People have been sceptical about his reference to the relationship that he makes between quantum mechanics and healing. Critics say that his reference often lead to a confusing state about the theories of quantum measurement, de-coherence and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

Deepak Chopra Quotes

Deepak Chopra Quotes is also criticized for overly mystifying Hinduism and Ayurveda. People have been questioning his knowledge of Ayurveda. He is accused for the elusive language he uses to explain this branch of medicine, thus alienating it from the mainstream. Some even accuse Mr. Chopra’s writings and lectures of being dishonest and hypocritical. His frequent admonishing on materialism is viewed as hypocrisy, since he continues live himself in a sprawling and luxurious mansion.

Others accuse Mr. Chopra of not using his current photograph on his web site or on the jackets of his newly released books, saying that he is hiding the fact that he is aging, though he claims to know the technique to over come the aging process. When asked to suggest creative ideas, in an interview, shortly prior to the US-led invasion of Iraq, he reportedly suggested the construction of a new Disney World theme park in the Middle East. He felt that it would help reduce the fear and anger in children, while Iraqi residents should be provided free access to CNN, MTV and Nickelodeon for their greater exposure to the rest of the world. Mr. Chopra’s suggestions were ridiculed roundly.

P. Z. Myers, a well-known biologist, criticized Mr. Chopra severely for his theories by raising the question of genetics. On the other hand, several other scientists ridiculed him for his unscientific approach and methods.

Some critics even say that Mr. Chopra creates a false sense of hope in sick individuals. This, they say, often keep the sick from seeking traditional medical care. A few years ago, a Time article summed up Mr. Chopra’s beliefs and his quotes on various aspects of life thus:  “Chopra has arguably been the most successful at erasing apparent differences between East and West by packaging Eastern mystique in credible Western garb …”

Chopra has written more than 65 books with 18 New York Times bestsellers. Deepak Chopra books have been translated into 35 languages and sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. His book, Peace Is the Way won the Quill Awards and The Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of your Life received the Nautilus Award. FINS – Wall Street Journal, mentioned his book, “The Soul of Leadership”, as one of five best business books of 2011 to read for your career. Chopra is represented in the US by the literary agency, Trident Media Group. His first book, Creating Health, is credited with helping to create initial, international recognition for Chopra. In the book, Skeptic’s Dictionary, the author Robert T. Carroll writes that Mr. Chopra is the “foremost advocate of Ayurvedic medicine in America”. He further states that according to Mr. Chopra, perfect health is a matter of choice; physical imbalances can be identified by taking the pulse; allergies are the result of poor digestion; and washing the eyes with saliva can prevent or even reverse cataracts. Mr. Carroll alleges that Mr. Chopra gave up his work in medicine to follow religion. But Mr. Chopra, refuting such allegations, says that he found the world of medicine utterly frustrating.

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